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Tried and true genetics

In tune with our motto “keep the best and throw away the rest” our cultivars are bred to maximize yield. You will be delighted with the massive potency, massive aroma, massive trichomes, and unmatched vigor our seeds produce.

Superior HEMP

Massive Seeds grows in the famous Rogue Valley Terroir of Southern Oregon. Our hemp seeds are sun-grown, organically, in native soil bolstered with compost, earthworm castings, mineral amendments, cover crops, green manure, mulch, and living soil biology.

Premium Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds available through select channels.


Our very limited hemp stock available for delivery to select areas in the United Sates. 

We have been growing in the famous Rogue Valley terroir since the mid 1970s. Our dad pioneered this land and grew the finest flower. Today we continue our legacy and apply his philosophy by respecting and nurturing the land that provides this beautiful herb. The end result is superior Oregon-Grown hemp seed for you to sew.

– Peter B

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